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Out on the veranda, Bank, the boss, oversees his house boy, Mon, sweep, in his jock strap. Pleased with his work, the man decides to thank the boy; he tells him to come inside. Sweeping now by the bed, Bank watches carefully while he lies down and strokes himself. Wanting a little more “bang for his buck,” Bank then tells the “Fucking House Boy” to lie on the bed with him. This presentation has two Asian twinks who believe “hard work” can really pay off.

Licking on the boss, Mon, the “assistant,” sucks up and down the top’s shaft while massaging the man’s nipple; seems like this boy likes to multi-task. Wanting to jerk a while, the boss then tells Mon to concentrate only on his nipples; happily the bottom complies. Doing a good job, Bank then responds with a massage; Bank rubs Mon’s dick, aggressively. All clothes come off; not only are these two hotties, both come “well equipped.”

Bending over his partner, Bank sucks the bottom’s dick and balls; Mon moans with delight at the oral demonstration. Ready for more than just a suck, the boss lubes up Mon’s hole and fingers him; first one, then two fingers penetrate. As Bank slides in, he gives little hesitation, going in deep and fast; Mon’s dick swells quickly. Positioning the assistant’s body for maximum penetration, Banki is aggressive and rhythmic in his moves.

Mon gasps and holds on to Bank as they both feel the pleasure, profoundly. When the camera pans to the backside, we can adore Mon’s sweet hole as it is being explored, from within. Bank then angles the boy’s ass up and head down, to pound. Mon begins to bite his lip and wiggle as the boss continues to thrust upward. As the boy moans and whimpers, his dick wags in delight.

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